03 July 2013 |

Bold Brash And Bright Accessories

Bold Brash And Bright Accessories
Well, that was alot of fun, and such alot to learn about how to use Polyvore - however I am blown away by the whole concept!! Now to make my own templates if I can figure out how LOL!
01 July 2013 |

Thank you baseball coach card

 Making this card was a lot of fun but quite frustrating. I found a tutorial on the web and spent about a day going through the tutorial, making each element from scratch. (making and re-making grrr!) But in the end I think it came out well and I was pleased I stuck with it. I love working with tutorials because there is always something new to learn about Photoshop and you can always combine it with making a new card or image for Zazzle. I hope you like this card and if you are into Photoshop you can find the tutorial here:

Would love to hear if you have any favourite Photoshop tutorials.
27 May 2013 |
I'm better now. It's taken 2 days to get over losing 12 hours of Illustrator work when it crashed. And NOOOO I had not saved - no, not even once.

This is what I had been working on:
Can't face it again for the time being, so I have been working on a few other things. I think I like this one, it certainly helped me learn lots about Illustrator

I have also gone back and found some older drawings and added some colourful backgrounds - I would be interested to hear if the colour is an improvement on the black and white that i normally resort to.

Here are a few that I liked

I will be considering a few more colours and adding the best to Zazzle and maybe Society6 to sell as prints. I really welcome any suggestions opinions as I appreciate them!
Anyway I hope you enjoy looking:)
15 March 2013 |

Meet Tiger The Rescued Greyhound

The best thing that has happened for YEARS!!!
Here are a couple of photos of the latest member of our family. His name is Tiger, a 3 year old rescued Greyhound. Tiger ran 3 races then broke his shoulder which of course meant being put down. Well, fortunately Kay's Greys in Melbourne had him flown down from Darwin and he is currently living with Kez and Amanda till our fence is finished to keep him safe. we have days with him weekly but  I cannot wait till he comes here permanently:) he is such a sweet guy!

I heard about the sad fate of many greyhounds on Radio National Background Briefing it hurt to know what happens to these sweet natured animals. Check out the above links for more information.

Tiger is due to come home permanently in the 1st week in April and we are more than ready for him.

07 November 2012 |

doodled hair

EASTER BIRD0013 copy by myslewis
EASTER BIRD0013 copy, a photo by myslewis on Flickr.

I think this is one of my favourite doodle/drawings. I have made the background paper years ago but was never inspired to use it till I bought my sepia pens. Perfect colour match. Anyway, somehow it all came together and I was pleased with the result.

12 June 2012 |

R.I.P. to my much loved, long time companion, Sam aged over 23 years

R.I.P. to my much loved, long time companion, Sam aged over 23 years. She had been almost blind and deaf for a while but that didn't interfere with her daily routine- eat, drink, sleep under the day lilies... On the weekend she had 4 horrifying seizures and although she recovered, the rspca convinced me they were putting an unendurable strain on her organs, and it was time for me to let her go. I will miss you each day Sam, just as i miss Caroline, Aidan and Talia. Here is Sam, grand old lady, photographed just before her final trip to the vet. Thank you for your life. '
17 November 2010 |


cactus copy
Originally uploaded by myslewis
Pete took this photo at Gardenworld today - he did a great job!
I knocked out the background in photoshop. What a wonderful thing is Photoshop:)
25 June 2010 |
ANOTHER question - which layout is better - don't be shy - I need all the help I can get!

Redone Quilt - opinions Required

I would like any comments, help, opinions on the WIP I removed the white squares, but still not sure if I should continue with this... (sorry about the crummy photos:( )

Before and after

01 April 2010 |

Have a look at Trish Bowen's cards

Doesn't she do the most beautiful flower photography? Her portfolio at Greeting Card Universe is VERY special - click on any of these to have a look at her fine work.
29 March 2010 |

today's Zazzle sales

Thank you Chastity of Nevada for your purchase of 20 of these! Hope the party goes off with a bang. Must be great to have your loved one back!

11 March 2010 |

painted doodle (work in progress)

I have been working on this for weeks and think I have finally got it right. Well at least the basic doodle. The colouring I am not sure about, so it's VERY roughly done at present, I will clean it up when I have finalised the palette.

I don't normally colour my doodles or zentangles but Candace Palmer at GCU got me thinking about doing it. She has lots of cute cards have a look at her store here! I will ask her if she wants to have a try at some colouring in! If she agrees I will post it here, so stay tuned.

03 March 2010 |
12 February 2010 |
Good sales day already and its only 5.23 AM!!! Sold 100 of these @ Greeting Card Universe! see here